Nursing Informatics (NI) integrates nursing with information and analytical sciences to support nurses, patients and healthcare professionals in their decision-making. This resource library provices a directory of key Nursing Informatics (NI) resources, online learning sites, information on standards, strategy and classification systems.

Nursing Informatics Position Statement

This position statement has been developed to recognise the pivotal role of nurses in the widespread implementation and adoption of digital health technologies throughout the healthcare sector for the primary purpose of improving safety and quality of patient care.

National Informatics Standards for Nurses and Midwives

The standard of computer literacy, information literacy and information management required of all nurses and midwives, for practice.

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) 

An eHealth Programme that includes a telenursing network and an online forum for nurses.

 International Classification for Nursing Practice ( ICNP®)

Provides a formal terminology for nursing practice and a framework into which existing vocabularies and classifications can be cross-mapped to enable comparison of nursing data.

An International Recommendation Framework of Core Competencies in Health Informatics for Nurses

This Methods of Information in Medicine publication focuses on TIGER’s International Competency Synthesis Project (ICSP). The ICSP’s resulting international recommendation framework for competencies in health informatics directed at nurses, provides a grid of knowledge for teachers and learner alike that is instantiated with knowledge about informatics competencies, professional roles, priorities and practical, local experience. It also provides a methodology for developing frameworks for other professions/disciplines. Finally, this framework lays the foundation of cross-country learning in health informatics education for nurses and other health professionals.

Building Standards-Based Nursing Information Systems

This document by the World Health Organisation is directed at practicing and student nurses, health care professionals involved in the implementation of information systems, and information technology professionals working in the health sector. This booklet provides useful tips for the use and implementation of standards in nursing clinical & administrative documentation.

TIGER Virtual Learning Environmenttigerlogo

Powered by HIMSS, the TIGER VLE is a one-stop online health information and technology education portal for academic professionals, students, adult learners, and clinical educators.

tigerlogoTIGER Competencies and Informatics Resources

Informatics recommendations for competencies for all practicing nurses and nursing students.

IMIA Nursing Informatics (IMIA NI) Education Working Group

This working group is part of the nursing informatics special interest section of IMIA and as such covers all corners of the globe and is here to help you.

HIMSS Nursing Informatics Resources

An online community for Nursing Informatics professionals including nursing research, job listings, networking, salary guides, and education.

Nurse Journal

Provides comprehensive educational resources for those interested in entry-level or advanced practice nursing careers.

Courses in Nursing Informatics 

Nursing Informatics education opportunities at Monash University.

Open EHR – Clinical Knowledge Manager

An international, online clinical knowledge resource.

An online learning portal of the HSE (The Health Service Executive) providing online access to a broad range of learning resources for staff employed in the Irish health and social care services.

The Data Scientist’s Toolkit

This online course provides an introduction to the main tools and ideas in the data scientist’s toolbox.

Nursing Big Data

This website is a searchable, topic-driven repository for Big Data articles, workgroup reports, presentations, and other documents. It is paired with a LinkedIn group to allow discussion of posted information or Big Data topics with your colleagues and peers.

The value of Clinical Data Standards for Nursing

An informative video giving examples and benefits of clinical data standards for nursing.

Nursing LOINC subcommittee

This formal nursing LOINC will facilitate the development and use of LOINC codes for observations used during key stages of the nursing process, including assessments, goals, and outcomes.

National Nursing Data Standards Group

The National Nursing Data Standards group’s goal is to increase the adoption and uptake of clinical data standards in Canada.

Health Information Technology Competencies (HITComp)

The HITComp Tool and Repository can be used to compile information on skills and competencies needed for a variety of healthcare roles, levels and areas of knowledge.

eHealth Strategy eHealth strategy of the Finnish Nurses

The Finnish Nurses Association published this eHealth strategy to focus on the role of nurses in the development and realisation of eHealth services.

Clinical Care Classification System 

A free empirically developed system consisting of two parts: a) Standardized Coded Nursing Terminology and b) Information Model designed for the electronic documentation of Clinical Nursing Practice.

Proceedings  From the National Nursing Data Standards Symposium

Introduction to the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®)

Nursing Informatics Workforce Survey Infographic

A HIMSS infographic capturing the current professional status and practice trends and changes that have occurred within the NI workforce.

This document was written by GeHCo’s CEO and provide historical context for nursing informatics within Australia. Aus NI History as at 1999.