Health Informatics (HI) refers to the rapidly evolving discipline of using technology, information, data and communications to support health related fields, such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy and dentistry.

Members of the GeHCo community work with national and international standards bodies to develop, contribute and educate the community about health informatics standards. Here are some useful resources:

The Australian College of Health Informatics (ACHI)  is the professional organisation for Digital Health and e-Health in the Asia-Pacific Region. They have compiled a selection of video Training Master Classes in various areas of Health Informatics.

The recordings are freely available for everyone to use for research, training or educational purposes anywhere in the world that links to YouTube.

  • Master Class #1, Patient Safety
  • Master Class #2, Health Informatics Leadership
  • Master Class #3, Health Consumer Operated IT for Mental Health and Lifestyle e-Screening and e-Therapy
  • Master Class #4, The Australian Health Information Workforce, Census 2018
  • Master Class #5, Work Placement
  • Master Class # 6, AI in clinical decision support: Safety Risks and evaluation challenges
  • Master Class #7, Consumer Health Informatics & the Quantified Self
  • Master Class #8, Innovative Clinical Information System: Ockham’s Razor of Design and its implementation
  • Master Class #9, The Implementation of eHealth in LMICs
  • Master Class #10, Innovative Clinical Information Systems: Ockham’s Razor Part 2 – Good HIT Bad HIT
  • Access all of the Master Classes here.

This is a useful list of resources compiled by ACHI’s Education Committee, as a starting point for teaching staff development, design of curriculum and assessment, and preparing degree (re)accreditation standards and documentation.

Review resources page here.

This programme  delivered though collaboration with the clinical profession, software industry, Australian Digital Health Agency, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), aims to define the foundation data standards in primary care to support better clinical outcomes, enhance the usefulness of information in the practice record and improve interoperability of health information shared with other health care providers and organisations.

Review more details on this project here.

Access key educational materials here.

The first Italian openEHR event was held on 6th June 2019 at the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia. The event has being organised by CRS4 in collaboration with Sardegna Ricerche, Better by Marand, Inpeco and Dedalus to promote the vision and opportunities offered by the openEHR initiative.

The following are some of the key EHR presentations from this event:

Introduction to openEHR  – Presented by Ian McNicoll (Co-Chair openEHR)

Postmodern EHR – Presented by Tomaž Gornik (openEHR Foundation, and CEO Better by Marand)

openEHR clinical modelling program – Presented by Heather Leslie (Co-chair openEHR, and Co-lead openEHR Clinical Modelling Program)

Pragmatic standardisation of clinical models  – Presented by Silje Ljosland Bakke (Co-chair openEHR, and Co-lead openEHR Clinical Modelling Program)

openEHR experiences in academia and industry – Presented by Sardegna Ricerche

The presenters slides are available here.

The purpose for a Global Strategy on Digital Health is to promote healthy lives and wellbeing for everyone, everywhere, at all ages.

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