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Courses are:

  • online or face to face
  • just in time learning – learn what you need to undertake a specific task
  • academically sound but practically designed
  • short sessions – you pick the pieces you need for your work environment – you aren’t forced to take a range of material irrelevant to your need
  • supported by internationally experienced mentors and teachers (you are not alone!).

Why choose GeHCo?

  • Courses developed and taught by world experts in health informatics, nursing informatics, information modelling, information technology, terminologies, code systems, and information exchange.
  • Our commitment to up-skilling the workforce and training the next generation of healthcare professionals in e-enabled healthcare.
  • Courses focused on you – healthcare professionals, e-health designers, builders, implementers, and maintainers.

Whether you are just starting out or building on your health education, our experienced tutors and courses provide quality training for the next generation of digital health professionals.

Building a health workforce for the digital age


Learn how to use the international classification for healthcare ICD.


SNOMED CT is an international terminology which provides unique codes to represent clinical concepts for use in healthcare and clinical practice. It is a code system adopted in many countries as a standardized way to represent and share health information.

Health Data

Data is the core of all healthcare activities, and when properly structured and designed supports the health professional and adds to knowledge of healthcare

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