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Global eHealth Collaborative (GeHCO) is a not for profit organization established to create partnerships and collaborations that support and enable information technology to advance sustainable, quality healthcare.

Global minds, local solutions

With a wealth of experience, global collaborations and partnerships, we are devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and developing leaders in eHealth. Making a difference to healthcare around the world.

  • International focus – global partners and clients

  • Flexible courses – we encourage learning and growth

  • People not profits – education is a right not a privilege

If you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then one of our online e-learning packages may be for you.

Alternatively, if you manage an education cohort then speak to us about how we can tailor tools and training to meet your needs.

COVID-19 Preparation Short Course

COVID-19 – we have all heard of it but can you code it and represent it properly in your health record – guidance for ICD and SNOMED CT.

Ensure you are up to date with the classification and terminology needed to collect quality information about COVID-19.

Clinical Coder Training Tool

  • Simulates the real world coding experience

  • Online cloud based solution

  • Unique scoring algorithm

  • Reduce the time and cost of clinical coder training

  • Designed to be globally compatible

  • Reduce maintenance costs

There is currently a worldwide shortage of skilled clinical coders. Training organisations and employers need ‘work ready’ coders, access to real medical records, and easy tools to teach and conduct consistent, reliable assessments as well as ongoing professional development support.

eHRol™ can solve these real-world problems with a groundbreaking eHR and clinical coding simulator platform.

Clinical Coding Blog

This is a collection of coding discrepancies and queries for discussion by the coding community – all welcome.

GeHCo publish regular blogs of queries between our clinical coders, reviewers and teachers to inform the coding community. The aim is to engage the community in debate prior to the submission of issues identified to the formal coding query process.

  • Focus discussion
  • Provide evidence to assist in coding standards and rule development and publication
  • Raise awareness of issues within the coding community which might otherwise be missed or dealt with through local coding decisions, without building agreed understanding across the coding community.

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