Basics of SNOMED CT Maps – [SCT7_107]


Want to understand how maps and mapping works in SNOMED CT

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Maps are provided with SNOMED CT releases (international and national). Learn how to find published Snomed ct maps, their structure and how to find the use case of the the map

Why this course

Designed for those who need or want to convert data from outdated code systems to SNOMED CT or for messaging or reporting purposes.

Who should do this course?

Decision makers and project leaders, Data Governance, Designers, and IT developers who need to understand

  • How published SNOMED CT maps are applied and the use case for maps.
  • The maps available as part of SNOMED CT

Software developers and vendors

Information system concept developers

  • In order to use published maps
  • To understand how SNOMED CT maps are structured

How will I benefit

At completion of this activity you will:

  • Be able to find published SNOMED CT maps in international or national releases of SNOMED CT
  • Understand the file structures and implementation requirements for using a SNOMED CT published map.
  • Understand the processes for assessing whether a specific map will meet your purposes

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