How does SNOMED CT work? – [SCT7_101]


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Discover what SNOMED CT is and how it works, including using browsers and understanding the intended meaning of a concept code. Be prepared for the introduction of this computer based medical terminology system in your work environment.

Why this course

Step 2: Have a look at SNOMED CT and find a code in SNOMED CT and to understand what the code means. Use a SNOMED CT browser. This is the simplest way to understand how SNOMED CT works.

Who should do this course?

Decision makers

  • To inform health information system purchasing and staff skills needed
  • Understand what SNOMED CT does that existing classifications don’t do


  • Understand how SNOMED CT represents meaning in a record and how this impacts clinical users

Data and System designers and implementers and users

  • Understand how SNOMED CT represents meaning in a record or message
  • Find a code you need to use in a record, message or system

How will I benefit

At completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Explain how SNOMED CT structures are used to define meaning of a concept
  • Use a SNOMED CT browser to find a term

Structure and what to expect

This course should take (on average)

  • Course Content 30 minutes
  • Exercises and practice 30 minutes
  • Assessment 30 minutes

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