Introduction to SNOMED CT tools – [SCT7_108]


You have the terminology, but what tools are needed to implement and manage it?

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There are tools used to view SNOMED CT, to develop and maintain content, to request content, to implement the terminology. This course introduces each of these tools and their use to enable you to determine which tools may be appropriate to your requirements and which you need to understand better.

Who should do this course?

Decision makers and project leaders

  • Determining what tools will be needed for a specific project or infrastructure

Data Governance, Designers, and IT developers who need to understand

  • The tools available and which are suited to the tasks needed
  • What tools need to be understood in more detail

How will I benefit

At completion of this activity you will have:

  • Understand the function of SNOMED CT browsers and the range of tools available for this purpose
  • Understand the function of the tools used to manage, maintain and release SNOMED CT internationally and nationally
  • Understand the functions of the tools used to support implementation of SNOMED CT in software products and healthcare environments

Structure and what to expect

This course should take (on average)

  • Course Content 60 minutes
  • Exercises and practice 15 minutes
  • Assessment 15 minutes

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