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Need a change or addition – find out how

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SNOMED CT is a terminology which can represent any healthcare concept. However, healthcare changes and concepts need to change with it – the terms used to describe them and the clinical meaning inherent in the concept. New concepts need to be added and other concepts to be re-defined according to new knowledge or retired completely. This course explains how to ask for new content or changes to existing content in SNOMED CT and when such requests are relevant.

Why this course

Requests are acted upon based upon the information you provide in request submissions. This course helps you explain all the relevant information for requests to your National Release Centre. It also identifies alternative approaches – i.e. you might be looking for content which could better be handled through the information model. Each of these issues are presented and you get to practice and improve with world class guidance all the way.

Who should do this course?

Data governance, Data managers, software vendors, information managers, clinicians, professional bodies

  • Who need to decide on the content needed to represent the information required and which SNOMED CT concepts are to be used
  • Who are responsible for requests for extending or modifying the content of SNOMED CT

How will I benefit

At completion of this activity you will:

  • Understand the situations where a request for content changes or additions are required
  • Assess whether the need is relevant to the information model or the terminology (or both)
  • Complete the request submission process including definition of all required background information to support the request

Structure and what to expect

This course should take (on average)

  • Course Content 60 minutes
  • Exercises and practice 60 minutes
  • Assessment 45 minutes

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