Requirements for safe and effective SNOMED CT implementation – [SCT7_106]


Making SNOMED CT do its magic in your information system

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SNOMED CT is a code system and database which has no value until it is implemented in a computer system. To obtain the benefits required you need to be able to determine the computer functionality and the SNOMED CT capabilities required to achieve your outcomes. This course defines and explains the different implementation options and how these are impacted by the chosen implementation tools and methodology.

Why this course

Decision makers, Data designers, and IT developers need to understand what needs to be in place to achieve benefits from SNOMED CT implementation. This course informs purchasing, planning and staffing.

Clinicians need to understand what needs to be in place in the organisation for safe and effective implementation of SNOMED CT in systems, and to deliver benefits in clinical decision support systems.

Who should do this course?

Decision makers

  • Informs health information system purchasing

Data Governance, Designers, and IT developers

  • Inform decision making about functionality and tools needed to deliver benefits from SNOMED CT


  • Understand options for SNOMED CT implementation and how they impact the systems for patient care and the information in them

How will I benefit

At completion of this activity you will have:

  • Understand the computer system functionality needed to support different business cases for which SNOMED CT is used
  • Assess your functional requirements for SNOMED CT implementation
  • Understand alternative approaches to user interface to support data collection and representation, including search strategies

Structure and what to expect

This course should take (on average)

  • Course Content 45 minutes
  • Exercises and practice 30 minutes
  • Assessment 60 minutes

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