Skills needed for SNOMED CT – [SCT7_105]


You have the terminology but what skills do you need to use it safely and effectively?

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Implementing SNOMED CT or need to use it in some way and need to know the skills you need. In this course your learn the skills needed, how to assess those skills and why they are relevant. Some guidance on how to find and assess courses and those who claim to have skills in SNOMED CT is also offered.

Why this course

This course will help

  • Decision Makers in planning, developing and appointing the workforce for SNOMED CT implementation
  • Health information and informatics workers can use this course to plan and make decisions about professional development for SNOMED CT
  • Clinicians understand the skills needed in teams to safely implement systems using SNOMED CT in EHRs and Clinical Decision Support Systems

Who should do this course?

Decision makers

  • Inform workforce planning, development and appointment

Health information and informatics workers

  • Inform decisions about professional development training needed for SNOMED CT CT use and implementation


  • Understand the skills need in teams designing, developing, implementing clinical information systems and decisions support to ensure clinical safety and utility

How will I benefit

At completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Identify the skills needed for different tasks associated with SNOMED CT implementation and use
  • Identify courses to assist in achieving these skills
  • Assess the risk to the organisation of not having the skills in place

Structure and what to expect

This course should take (on average)

  • Course Content 45 minutes
  • Exercises and practice 30 minutes
  • Assessment 15 minutes

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