We can help you with

  • Connecting your data to the world safely and efficiently
  • Ensuring that the data in your EHR is of high quality and can be used for clinical decision support today and in the future
  • Implementing an EHR which is practical but also able to meet future needs
  • Developing your EHR workforce

GeHCo is a unique collaboration of world consultant experts with practical experience ready to assist you and build your organisations capabilities in eHealth and Health Informatics.

We provide the following services

GeHCo provides the expertise to test your system, data or map against international standards of best practice.

  • Prove your system conforms, or that your product or services are of high value and safe for your clients to use
  • Gain an understanding of pathways for improvement
  • Ensure that the software or service you purchase will meet your safety and functional needs

Many organisations require our help testing:

  • Data Maps quality
  • Terminology implementation
  • Data quality – including through the continuum of data collection and aggregation

GeHCo has conducted a review of maps used for translation from local system to shared reporting (Cerner local codes to HL7 FHIR) to determine the quality and safety of the map for use.

Talk to us about our expert assistance

    • Analysis of data quality – identification of roadmaps and requirements for improvement
    • Design of EHR data collection and specifications
    • Selection of relevant code systems for data collection
    • Design of data aggregation pathways to support big data based on quality little data
    • Interoperability requirements and implementation, including semantic interoperability
    • Information modelling
    • Code system design and documentation of guidelines for consistent coding.
    • Development of data management workforce
    • Gap analysis of skills for data management in your workforce

GeHCo’s experts have worked extensively with national programs across: Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, India, China, Brazil, Chile.

Educational and professional bodies spend a great deal of time and money developing their curriculum for formal education and ongoing professional development.  GeHCo are experienced in Health Informatics and qualified in training and education talk to us for help with:

  • Identifying the skill gaps in your workforce
  • Developing and planning training to fill those gaps as face to face courses, online learning, just in time learning, or short courses
  • Our association with a Registered Training Organisations and Universities gives us the ability to offer formal qualifications for some courses
  • Develop single courses or full university courses to focus on requirements for an enabled healthcare environment
  • Develop formal specifications for qualifications and competencies such as Health Informatics Competencies – Australia and ISO/PRF TS 22287 Health informatics — Workforce roles and capabilities for terminology and terminology services in healthcare (term workforce)
  • Provide expertise for your courses – where expertise is hard to find
    • We can design and develop courses, up skill your existing staff or support course delivery as mentors.
    • Qualifications in which we have designed curricular include:
      • Health Data and Standards
      • Health Informatics for Administrators
      • Master of Health Informatics
      • Graduate Diploma in Health Informatics
      • Master of Public Health

Seeking an EHR that is simple to install and use today, but will also fit your future needs?  You will need skills that are unlikely to be in your organisation.  Simplify implementation and future management by leveraging GeHCo’s expertise to build your organisaiton’s capacity.

Common pitfalls of EHR implementation include:

  • Choosing an EHR system or approach based upon past practices rather than intended future use
  • Not understanding special requirements for data design and use of terminologies
  • Not having on your team the skills to improve your information design, terminology use and clinical decision support development

How can GeHCO help?

  • Access to world experts who can reduce your costs to achieve your objectives for your EHR
  • Improve the safety of your system and protect your clinician engagement
  • Educate your team to deliver practically, effectively and safely – we don’t just do it we build your team

Standards are used by industry, government and professional groups to set benchmarks for performance and quality.  Standards can reduce system development costs, ensure patient safety and reduce the interoperability workload for sharing health information.

GeHCo has experience in ISO, HL7, SNOMED International and other standards bodies, as standards writers as well as in the use, conformance assessment and implementation of standards for:

  • information exchange (HL7 and FHIR)
  • EHRs International Clinical Information Models and Modelling based upon ISO standards and used by many countries as their basis for all patient data
  • Data Quality and Mapping
  • Terminology and Classification – design, implementation and quality assurance

Contact us if you need assistance to:

  • Create standards or
  • Establish templates for standards (such as coding standards) which will result in improved data or process quality
  • Analyse or conform compliance with standards such as Map Quality – are the data maps used by your system safe for use?

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