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This is a collection of coding discrepancies and queries for discussion by the coding community – all welcome.

GeHCo publish regular blogs of queries between our clinical coders, reviewers and teachers to inform the coding community. The aim is to engage the community in debate prior to the submission of issues identified to the formal coding query process.

  • Focus discussion
  • Provide evidence to assist in coding standards and rule development and publication
  • Raise awareness of issues within the coding community which might otherwise be missed or dealt with through local coding decisions, without building agreed understanding across the coding community.
1709, 2019

Consistency of coding standards: Adverse Effects and manifestations

September 17th, 2019|

In order for coding standards to be consistently applied there are common principles for writing standards (ISO, 2016) (ISO, 2012) (ISO TC215 Health Informatics, 2019) (ISO TC215 Health Informatics, 2009). These have been adopted considering work undertaken on code systems and classification development and include: a) Use consistent terminology which is well defined b) Apply rules consistently throughout all standards c) Document the standard in a way that is [...]