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Clinical Coding Blog

This is a collection of coding discrepancies and queries for discussion by the coding community – all welcome.

GeHCo publish regular blogs of queries between our clinical coders, reviewers and teachers to inform the coding community. The aim is to engage the community in debate prior to the submission of issues identified to the formal coding query process.

  • Focus discussion
  • Provide evidence to assist in coding standards and rule development and publication
  • Raise awareness of issues within the coding community which might otherwise be missed or dealt with through local coding decisions, without building agreed understanding across the coding community.
2608, 2019

Incontinence and trial of void coding

August 26th, 2019|Tags: , , , , , |

The advice provided in the Australian Coding Standards (ACS) and coding rules does not clarify several issues: Is significance relevant to whether the condition is to be coded or is ACS 0001 and ACS 0002 all that is needed to indicate relevance to the episode? What is the definition of persistence which is required to be met before this condition can be coded (assuming it meets ACS 0001 or [...]