• What will I learn?

    Whether you are a system designer, HIM, clinician, researcher or other professional it is essential that our systems contain quality data which suits the purpose for which it is collected, and can also support data re-use safely and efficiently. This course addresses:
    • how to assess the quality of data specifications
    • how to develop a data specification, including selection of relevant code systems
    • how to specify requirements for data conversion for re-use

    Who should do this course?

    Any person responsible for specification or governance of codes used in healthcare systems, EHRs or information exchange

    How will I benefit?

    At the conclusion of this course you will understand the principles of data specification, the impact of the choices made and best practices in data specification

    Structure and what to expect

    This course is on-line with tutor support (you don't have to work on your own). The skills are introduced through video presentation/s and you practice through exercises. You may take assessment to confirm your skills if you choose to.
  • Terminology and the health record or message - which solves which problem?
  • Understanding the healthcare system in which you work including  digital initiatives and where they fit in the system.